Nightmare Before Christmas TBR

This readathon takes place from November 22nd to the 28th. You can find all the information on the Tiny Book Dragons Announcement Video. Im hoping participating in one last readathon this month will help me speed through the rest of my TBR. I’ve never seen the Night Before Christmas so maybe I’ll be able to find a copy this week and finally get around to watching it. Now let’s get into the prompts and the books I plan to read for them.


“This Is Halloween” – Read A Spooky Book

Kingdom of the Wicked
The summaries mention of witches, dark magic, vengeance and brutal murder all make me think this might end up being pretty spooky.

The Pumpkin King – Read a Book With Orange on the Cover

Exorsisters Vol. 2
I thought it be perfect for Halloween but I never got the chance to read it with the other 10 comics I crammed in during the month of October so now I have another excuse to pick it up.

Jack and Sally – Read a Romance

God Storm
The main character had to make a terrible choice at the end of the first book involving her love interest and I’m interested to see the repercussions of that decision. Besides that the first book wrapped up nicely so I’m not sure what to expect in this sequel.

“What’s This?” – Read a Book from a Genre/Format You Don’t Read Often

How to Be Ace
I dont read much in the nonfiction/memoire genre so I thought this comic would work for the prompt. Ace isnt an identity I’ve had the pleasure to read much about and I’m excited to learn more. I requested a review copy and would like to share my thoughts in my wrap up at the end of the month.

“Sandy Claws” – Read a Book Set During the Holidays

Invisible Life of Addie Larue
I know Halloween is one of holidays mentionned and theres also New Year Eves celebration, but I think this story takes place during the span of many years so I’m not sure how much time we spend on them.

Will You Be Joining?

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