Myth Taker Wrap Up


This readathon took place during the month of June and I know I was suppose to stick to my original TBR but I’ve been mood reading a lot lately to avoid going back into a reading slump so I switched out the last two books. I tried to listen to both of them on audio but I wasnt enjoying that format so I decide to put them off until I could read them physically. All the readathon details are explained in the Announcement Video, but the goal was to pick a character and complete the prompts in order without doubling up. Now let’s get into what I read for the readathon.

Rogue Tree
Rogue Scroll

I decided to go with the pirate character because Ive always loved reading about them.

Book Featuring Water

Vanishing Deep
The characters live in a water world after the polar ice caps melted and the Great Waves covered the Earth.


Book With a Dark Cover

Deathless Divide
The entire background cover is pretty dark. It looks like a night time scene of town fallen to the zombies.


Featuring a Journey

Ink in the Blood
The characters join a travelling troupe and journey from town to town performing.


Bargain Book

Red Hood
I got the audiobook at a really good price on Scribd and before that I received a free digital review copy.


Happy Reading!

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