Leap Year Book Tag


I stumbled on this book tag while browsing booktube and knew I had to do it before February 29th came around. A leap year only happens once every 4 years so I wanted to celebrate it with a blog post and what better way to do that than with a book tag. You can find the Original Creator Here. Now let’s get right into it.

1. An Extra Day: What is One Book That Brought a Little Something Extra?

Foul is Fair

This book went the distance with its revenge plot unlike many similar revenge stories I’ve read. I really appreciated the main character didnt faulter in her plans and stuck with it through to the end.


2. Taking a Big Leap: What is One Book That You Are Afraid to Read?

Ink in the Blood

The summary has all the elements I love in a book but I’ve been afraid to pick it up because the writing is very descriptive and that can sometimes work really well for me or fail to keep me engaged.


3. Every 4 Years: What is the 4th Book You Read This Year?

Come Tuming Down

I read this as soon as it was published. I love the series so much I wish we got more than one short novella a year.


4. 366 Days in the Year: Looking at Your 3rd Shelf, Name the 6th Book, And the 6th Book After That!

Lady Smoke


Brown Girl Ghosted


5. Leaping Ahead: Name 4 Books That You Want to Read by the Next Leap Year

The books I chose for this question are all on my immediate TBR so they will be read with the next few weeks. I cant think 4 years ahead sorry. Haha

Bone Criers


Wicked As You Wish




We Unleash the Merciless Storm


6. Leapfrog: Name a Book On Your TBR That Has Green on the Cover.

Seven Endless Forest

This is the greenest book on my TBR at the moment. I really enjoyed Boneless Mercies by this author and have a good feeling I will love this one even more.


7. Bad Luck: What Bookish Things Do You Steer Clear From?

Skipping Prologues

I recent heard skipping prologues was a thing people did and I dont understand why anyone would do that. Its definitely something Id never do.

What Will You Do With An Extra Day?

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